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Department of Justice FBI Web Time & Attendance (WebTA)

WebTA is a web-based COTS application that collects, stores, and reports FBI T&A information.

IT Investment Details:

Unique Project Identifiers (UPI) 011-10-01-03-02-3279-00
Agency Name Department of Justice 
Bureau Name Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Mission Area 03 
Investment Title FBI Web Time & Attendance (WebTA)
Category of the Investment 00
IT Investment Number 3279
IT Investment Type Description
Sub-Function Time Reporting
Four parts of Exhibit 53 IT investments for Mission Area Support
2008 Budget $0.87M
2009 Budget $0.89M
2010 Budget $0.91M
Line of Business Human Resources
2008 DME $0.00M
2009 DME $0.00M
2010 DME $0.00M
2010 Agency Budget $2949.65M


This information is derived from a companion document to Chapter 9 of the Analytical Perspectives volume of the budget, and provides the Information Technology (IT), by agency or department, for FY2008 - Actuals (PY), FY2009 - Enacted (CY), and FY2010 - Budget (BY). For additional guidance about the formulation of the Information Technology and E-Gov Exhibit 53s for the FY2010 budget, please go to:

For additional guidance about the Planning, Budgeting, Acquisition of Capital Assets, Exhibit 300s for the FY2010 budget, please go to:

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